What is it you really want?

What is it you really want?
What is it you really want?

What is the good life? For the vast majority I’m sure it’s riches and fame, which is completely understandable. Personally I could do without fame. I think it’s more of a feminine trait designed from evolution to increase social circle and improve the chance of safety and survival.

But I digress. I remember learning in school about how many football players live their lives addicted to pain pills (Wow, how much are pharmaceutical company’s raking in?). And I’ve always thought what a horrible way to live, especially knowing that these “drugs” will probably create other debilitating conditions.

I’ve also had numerous financially successful clients, business owners, etc.. come to me complaining of all the pain and unhealthy habits they’ve acquired from all their stress and not having any time to care for themselves.

This seems seriously absurd! If you don’t feel good, physically and/or mentally (they usually accompany each other) then is there really any amount of money that would make you feel good?



For those of you who have a hard time comprehending this. Imaging being at the most amazing party on the planet, you can even be the host. Now imaging you have the flu, or some other life altering miserable condition. Are you really going to enjoy that party as much as if you were feeling 100?

Yes you have to pay bills, but do you need a hummer when you never off-road? Do you need to shop for clothes, handbags or other useless crap every few days or even weeks. There are in-fact scientific studies showing these are actually unhealthy behaviors leading to depression, anxiety, substance abuse, and less compassion for people and our planet.

The Point.


The point is: there is nothing on the planet more important than your health! When you feel good, every aspect of life is so much better! AND you’re more productive, efficient, etc.. Which means all your “excuses” can be handled in a much more efficient manner, allowing you more time to enjoy life and care for yourself.

Not to mention all the benefits from being healthy, body and mind. Confidence, self-efficiency, self-reliance. Knowing that everything is going to be alright. Because you’re completely capable of creating your world the way you want.

I promise, if you take the time to think about what it is you really want, what’s really important, you can make a plan to make it a reality.


Have you thought about what you really want out of life, have you thought about how you’re going to make it a reality?

I’d be interested to read about it, please let me know in the comments below.



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