Will that nagging knot in your back not go away?

Get rid of a painful knot in your body

That nagging knot in my back won’t go away!

Is that uncomfortable and possibly painful knot interfering with your quality of life. When you’re working, playing, maybe even at rest?

I’m going to share the best and possibly only strategy for eliminating that sucker, for good!

There can be various factors in the forming of “knots”, or “trigger points” (tp) such as:

  • Injuries from overuse, heavy lifting or repetitive motions
  • Tension from mental and emotional stress
  • Prolonged sitting or bed rest
  • Poor posture, which often results from a sedentary lifestyle and lack of exercise

What is a knot?

A knot or trigger point (tp) is a hyper-irritated spot in your muscle or tissue surrounding the muscle.

Basically the inside of your body can become very viscous or sticky, another reason why drinking water and stretching are so important.

Imagine your body binding together, basically constricting in on itself, like Smeagol. Not a good look and very bad for your health.

This often leads to constricting blood vessels and nerves which can cause serious debilitating pain.  Another reason posture is so vital for optimal health.

The Good News

Tp can usually be alleviated with massage therapy or an injection that I believe only PT’s are allowed to administer. A healthy hedonistic massage or a painful stabbing, your choice.

There are also tools that allow you to massage the area yourself but it still requires a bit of skill and technique.

The real problem is that tp usually come back, like the one in-between your shoulder blades.

TP’s such as these can usually be eliminated by properly balancing your body I.e, proper posture. Proper posture can usually be obtained with conscious effort and minor exercise and stretching techniques.

A good massage therapist, personal trainer, or other body work professional should always be trying to align your body. So they should be able to recommend exercises to help you feel better.

If you have any questions please let me know in the comments below.