Tips to Improve Employee Longevity

Tips to Improve Employee Longevity


Want to help prevent all the horrible diseases and dysfunctions that occur from sitting to much. Want to be more active? How about more physical with your significant other? Play sports, keep up with kids and grand-kids? Have the confidence you will be strong and active way into your elder years? Then keep reading.

As part of my practice I have to observe the quality of movements of my clients. This tells me what areas in your body have dysfunctions. For instance; the vast majority of women pop their assess out. This is termed anterior pelvic tilt (APT).

This is a major contributor of low-back pain. About 80 percent of adults experience low back pain at some point in their lifetimes. It is the most common cause of job-related disability and a leading contributor to missed work days. To learn how you can counter the affects of APT while instantly becoming stronger go here.

As a quick note, the information in this article is also fantastic for alleviating and preventing low-back pain. After years of observing people including myself, I had a realization. “The reason we are so susceptible to falls as we age is because our hip muscles have been deteriorating for years.

Falls are the leading cause of injuries in older adults, 20-30% of falls leading to moderate or severe injuries. A whopping 95% of hip fractures are caused by falls. “One in five hip fracture patients dies within a year of their injury.” Subsequent injuries can lead to reduced mobility, lack of physical fitness, and greater probability of ending up in long-term care.

Hopefully I’ve gotten your attention. Is falling an inevitable part of the aging process? NO it is not! Why do you care if you’re young? Chances are you have these bad habits which will continue and become harder to change the older you get.

Our hip muscles deteriorate because we don’t use them to the full extent of their capabilities. Getting off the couch to drive to work to sit on your computer just doesn’t activate your hip muscles properly. Even most laborious jobs won’t work these muscles sufficiently. Moving through a full range of motion is crucial for optimal health.

Ever heard the phrase “use it or lose it”? When you don’t use muscles they begin to atrophy. This means they become weak and waste away.

People tell me all the time that they get a workout because they walk. Yes walking has a variety of health benefits, even for your mind. But it will not build significant strength in your hips. Walking requires minimal effort for most, so you may not notice how weak you’ve become until you’re much older. Basic movements like getting out of bed could become a painful chore, making you look and feel older. Climbing stairs will also become more difficult. In contrast, climbing stairs is a much better hip strengthener than just walking.



Let’s get back to working hip muscles through a full range of motion. This will help decrease risk of serious injuries and can significantly improve over-all strength. For years I’ve watched clients young and old fail to bend properly, especially when lifting. You should be squatting from the hips not bending at the waist. This allows your hip muscles to move through their full range of motion.

Sadly few of us actually listen to our body’s. Lack of awareness is one reason which is also a major cause of depression and anxiety, but that’s for another post. Laziness is another. And maybe some type of conditioned machismo, or some other absurd excuse to not feel better. Since discovering wellness about eight years ago I’ve become very astute at listening and trusting my body. When I’m physically uncomfortable it screams to do something about it.

Whether I’m working on the computer, speaking to someone, watching t.v., whatever. You’ll frequently find me standing and squatting. Like back in our primitive, hunter-gatherer era. You can literally do this anywhere, even at work!

I do this for various reasons but it is a recent discovery. I remember coming home from work and would quickly sit or lie on the couch. Soon after I was in the same position for too long I would start to get this dull achy feeling. Especially throughout my back and hips. This was my body telling me to switch positions. Probably because I was not getting sufficient blood flow to these areas. Which is due to lack of movement causing toxins to build up and a lack of nutrients to be delivered. “Movement” is a crucial mechanism our body’s use to deliver nutrients and excrete toxins.

In the beginning I would rarely listen. I didn’t want to get up, I was tired (mostly mentally)! Occasionally I would force myself to get up and move because it made me feel better. But than back to sitting or lying down. Which coincidentally had me not sleeping very well for probably a couple of years. I know this because I would have the same dull achy feeling throughout the night. I would even cycle through my children’s beds thinking this was the issue. Sometimes it would help so I blamed my bed.

Finally after about a year or two I decided to apply some logic. Basically what I’m telling you here and the fact that I would literally feel better when I moved aroundWhenever I would get the dull achy feeling I’d switch positions and immediately feel better. I really want you to know that I received the greatest relief in my low-back and hips from squatting. This is was got me thinking about everything you’re reading. And now I sleep like the dead every night, on my own bed, and it’s been months!

Improving Quality of Life


Squatting is a Functional exercise. Which means it helps our body’s perform real-life activities as opposed to just lifting gym equipment. This can help you be more efficient, promoting mobility, flexibility, and balance throughout the aging process.

As an added benefit, squats burn more fat while helping tone your ass, legs, and abs.

Movement and exercise are necessary for optimal health. We are designed for movement, we thrive on it. That’s why we get stronger when we exercise and weaker when we don’t. It’s scientifically proven to make us feel better, so excuses are meaningless. Our body’s know what it must do.. We just have to learn to listen and trust ourselves.

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