Do you perform better when you’re happier & healthier?

Improve the quality of your life. Finally achieve and sustain wellness goals

“Quintessential” – The most perfect embodiment –

Quintessential Living means ideal wellness: living well, mind, body, and spirit.

Living our purpose, achieving our health and wellness goals, improving our quality of life. A way to live that’s in perfect harmony with the world.

A synergistic upward spiral of positive, creative energy that improves our world’s by improving mental and physical capabilities. Achieving Maslow’s famous pinnacle of human needs, “self-actualization“.

Creating the world we envision, like some godly super power. It’s not some imaginary comic book fairy-tale, there’s actually some science behind it. Even if “The Secret” is pseudoscience.

Wellness coaching” is the art and science of behavior change. I call it art because it requires a skillful, intuition.

Dancing with our clients (metaphorically). Asking insightful questions to learn what it is you truly desire, why you desire it, and what motivates you to go and get it.

Allowing you to design a step by step plan of action. Successfully implementing and maintaining healthier habits to improve your life satisfaction.

Now I feel compelled to remind you if it’s not already obvious. That mental health is a crucial factor in physical health and vice versa.

So developing healthier habits also means making yourself happy. Not only exercising and eating better but also having fun, doing the things you really want to do.

Going out and making new friends or keeping up with old ones. Improving your love life, family life, following your dreams, your passions, etc…you get it.

That’s Wellness Coaching


Combine this with some #healthEhedonism. Professionals skilled in providing the proven, healing power of touch to make you physically feel good.

And that’s what we do, that’s Quintessential Living.

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