Be selfish this Holiday season

Tis the Season for sharing and being grateful, ok; but let’s not forget about ourselves. We need to ensure we feel good this Holiday Season and on a regular basis, because as I tell my kids “shit rolls downhill”, meaning If I’m not happy you probably won’t be either and vice versa. I work hard to stay Happy and feeling good (it’s a state of mind that can be learned) in-fact I’m dedicating my life to #healthyhedonism, it just makes sense; I help people feel good for a living so I best make sure I’m feeling good and practicing what I’m preaching.

I’m astonished every time clients suffering from chronic pain complain about not having time for self-care but that they always feel better after exercising, meditating, and/or our sessions; seems like a no-brainer.  Many people may depend on you and if you really are so busy that your mental and physical energy are suffering than you owe it to yourself to be selfish so that you can function optimally in all that you do-thereby helping others more efficiently-common sense.

Our purpose can’t be just to work until we die or what a miserable existence that would be, Life was created to indulge in it’s pleasures.

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