Sit a lot and want to alleviate back pain? This simple fix could help.

Sit a lot and want to alleviate back pain? This simple fix could help.
  • Low back pain (LBP) is the second most common reason for visits to the doctor’s office, next to upper-respiratory infections.

  • Back pain is one of the most common reasons for missed work and second most common cause of disability in US adults, according to U.S National Library of Medicine National Institute of Health

I’ve spent years learning how to alleviate and prevent back pain but have been skeptic about lumbar supports. I thought that as long as we had a strong core, and were engaging them, that lumbar supports were basically gimmicks. Research shows there was little or no difference between individuals with low-back pain who use support and those who don’t (but it didn’t specify if it was chronic or acute).

I do a lot of work both standing and sitting on my computer.

I’ve also recently started driving much more for work and have developed some low back/sciatica type issues.

But I’ve done a good job of taking care of myself, stretching, exercising, etc. Didn’t matter.

So I decided $22 was a fair price to pay for some research that might improve the quality of my life.


Let me tell you, what a difference! I rarely get any sort of discomfort and when I do it’s usually from sitting more than an hour, which by than it really is time to get up and move.

If you have acute pain that you normally only feel when you’re sitting, than a wise decision might be to make a small investment and test it out for yourself.

This is not a substitute for lack of movement or exercise, and even nutrition which are all crucial for optimal longevity.

If you’re doing all the wrong things then you’re very likely to be wearing down your body (and mind) quicker than normal.

Life really is about balance. It’s ok to do naughty things sometimes, just not all the time.