Instantly become stronger & improve efficiency

Do you want to instantly become stronger & improve efficiency? Of course you do who wouldn’t!


Now, we need physical strength for the most mundane tasks such as typing, texting and even getting out of our beds. But also for exciting adventures like throwing people around in it. Luckily this technique for instantly becoming more efficient is also perfect for helping to prevent lower back pain.

It is interesting to note  that Nobel Prize recipient Roger Sperry was quoted saying “90% of our brains energy is used for posture alone. Leaving ONLY 10% for thinking, healing, and digestive processes, that’s wild! I’m thinking if we would just stand up straight than maybe some mutant gene would kick in and we could grow some wings or some other type of freakishly cool superpower, but i’ll let you contemplate that.

If we’re more efficient working and playing, then isn’t our confidence and quality of lives improved? life’s just better. To become even slightly stronger and more efficient is invaluable. Quite possibly the best part of this simple technique is it’s  just the foundation. From learning this approach we can actually maximize our strength potential.

We have around 700 muscles in our bodies. Sadly many of them we don’t use or rarely use, which causes the rest of our body’s muscles to work harder, becoming less efficient. Imagine picking up the slack for a teammate or a colleague, would you be as efficient doing your own tasks, stressing and expending more energy?


Our Master Control Center, The Hub of Life


Of these multiple layers of muscles, some muscles have the sole task of stabilizing and protecting our spines. Our spines protect our “master control center/nervous system”. The bundle of nerves extending from our brains that allow us to feel and control our body’s activities, like keeping us alive. To the phenomenal actions that entertain millions.

This is one of the main reasons posture is so important. Due to various factors such as sitting and slouching too much and even previous injuries. These muscles are often unable to do their job and causes the surrounding muscles that were designed for more elaborate functions, e.g. movement, to have to pick up the slack of your “core” muscles. When our muscles work in unison, it enhances strength, nerve impulses, and reflexes, traveling to and from the brain. This allows us to be more efficient.

How do our muscles work in unison?


Using Proper posture, standing up straight and engaging our core is the answer for immediately becoming stronger and more efficient. Your “core” should be engaged whenever using movement. I know that’s probably not going to happen so at least make sure it’s engaged when lifting; anything!

Now most of you have probably never thought of this. But of all the things you should be doing to keep your body healthy this is probably the easiest to implement and it also improves your aesthetics. Go ahead, look in the mirror and see for yourself.

Make sure you’re properly engaging your “core”. It’s NOT sucking in your belly, that can cause more harm than good. A quick lesson would be to cough and pay attention the muscles in your abdomen, they will tighten “contract”. Now contract those muscles without coughing and ensure your stomach is rising outwards when breathing in. This may sound a little confusing, it’s easiest to practice with your back stabilized against a chair or floor. With a little practice it will become automatic.

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