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In my decade of professional experience, I’ve learned that poor, postural patterns, are the cause of much of our pain. But mental health is usually posture’s, powerful, puppet master.

I’ve spent years studying the body, learning how to help myself and my clients feel better, body and mind. After becoming a massage therapist I earned numerous health related certifications, including becoming a personal trainer in order to gain a deeper understanding of our body’s form, function, and  capabilities.

Time and time again my clients would get temporary relief. But continue to come in months sometimes years later, with the same problems, occasionally worse.

They all had one thing in common.

Excuses for not doing their corrective exercises. Not enough time to care for themselves so that they could feel better and possibly live longer. So they could participate and enjoy more of those precious moments that bring meaning to our lives.

Many times these corrective exercises would literally take no more than 5 minutes. Five minutes from their day, to improve their quality of life. To improve their efficiency and effectiveness, in all other areas.

I began to realize. What really prevented my clients from getting better was quite often, poor mental health. Stress, anxiety, cognitive dissonance, etc..

I decided the only way to truly help my clients (and myself in the process) was to learn to master the mind. Learning how to turn bad behaviors into healthier habits.

This led me to serendipitously discover that there was an actual science of behavior changeScientifically Proven Strategies, to overcome ambivalence and procrastination.

After extensive study and receiving my certification as a health & wellness coach I created Quintessential Living. The ideal place for improving body and mind. Providing “Wellness Coaching“, to our clients globally and Massage Therapy to clients in the L.A. and O.C. surrounding areas.


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