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Making you feel good is our profession!


As masters in the scientific art of touch and behavior change we use the proven healing power of touch as a catalyst. This helps foster trust and cooperation. Which also facilitates the behavior change process and improves your organization’s bottom line and prosperity.

Our wellness programs combine scientific principles that strengthen body and mind to help prevent injuries, illnesses and improve life satisfaction.

Our solutions not only help meet the organization’s financial objectives, but also positions your company competitively to attract and retain top talent.

Health Management Works

Employers recognize that maintaining a healthy workforce is not only critical in controlling their health care costs, but also has a major impact on the performance, productivity and well-being of their employees. Organizations that pursue best-practice employee health management through wellness, disease management, and other health-promoting programs have seen substantial returns on investment (ROI), as well as enhanced employee morale and satisfaction. Our strategic health management capabilities include:


  • Conducting needs assessment through focus groups, surveys, claims analysis, biometric screenings, and other assessment tools
  • Performing an audit of an organization’s current resources – and helping to coordinate and maximize utilization of those existing resources
  • Developing a program blueprint to guide the organization’s health management initiatives
  • Determining what additional resources are needed and helping the organization to acquire those resources
  • Identifying effective engagement and communications strategies to assure optimal participation in the programs
  • Promoting the wellness culture throughout the organization
  • Determining effective incentives to boost participation (e.g., lower premium contribution, rewards account, etc.)
  • Conducting program evaluation by identifying and tracking appropriate metrics and assessing program effectiveness

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