Using Wellness Programs to Stay Competitive

Are you worried your company won’t stay competitive in an extremely competitive marketplace, are medical costs eroding profits, are you having trouble retaining talent, keeping them engaged, and productive?

Over 30 yrs. of industry research has supporters such as “Center For Disease Control-CDC” American College of Sports Medicine”, “Harvard Business Review” and a host of others advocating health prevention provided thru wellness programs as being your organization’s only option for solving the aforementioned problems and staying competitive.

And the return on your investment could be six times what you put into it, that’s better than the stock market! Source: What’s the Hard Return on Employee Wellness Programs

Imagine going to work and everyone gets along, supervisors and colleagues care about your happiness and well-being, a job where you enjoy going to temporarily leave a mundane personal life and socialize with like-minded individuals, sharing common interests, developing Social Capital thru networks while becoming healthier, advancing your career, and making money. This brilliant ideal explains the success of corporations such as “Google”, “General Mills”, and “Twitter” (just to name a few).

Quintessential Living develops wellness programs that address some of the most costly health issues while developing Social Capital to enable society to function more effectively.

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