Change your Perception Change Your World

Improving your life is usually as simple as telling yourself a different story. Change Your World

Everything in life is not a chore.

Parking a little further and having to walk a little further helps us live longer and healthier. Our body’s are designed for movement, we literally thrive off it. I can’t tell you how many clients I’ve had over the years complain that they don’t exercise because it hurts but when I ask them how they feel after they exercise they say they feel much better.

The longer we stagnate the more our body’s literally start to shut down. If you’ve ever stagnated for a long period of time; months, weeks, days, or even just an 8 hour workday. Don’t you feel drained? And even though all the physical activity you may have gotten is a few laps around the office, all you want to do is lie on the couch and watch some t.v. Or sit some more playing on your computer, game system whatever…

Are you noticing the beautiful, upward spiraling, synergistic effect?

Even at the office, where you’ve sat for about 7.45 hours, the thought of climbing up one flight of stairs is almost unbearable. But did you know that walking has been scientifically proven to improve mental health. Which also helps the body function more efficiently. When our minds feel good so do our body’s. As an added bonus we also get some exercise!

Framing and Family Values

What about cooking. You like to eat right? I know you like to eat good food, meaning food that tastes good. Anyone who’s ever cooked a real meal, not some quick packaged, frozen or boxed entree, knows that meals made with love tastes so much better. And alcohol can also enhance the whole process 🙂

But seriously, cooking can be fun. I think the trick is, as this is also scientifically proven for improving your life in general, is to be mindful. Learn to appreciate the unique aromas of exotic spices, fresh fruits and vegetables, and a taste that frozen and fast food just can’t compete with.

If possible, learn to delegate, as this act alone will help you feel better, relieve stress, teach values, and open up some time for yourself.

But I do suggest cooking as a family when possible. On the rare occasion I get my kids to help me cook (which the key to making this a positive interaction/chore, is how you “frame” it). I try to use this opportunity for “family time” (which is how I “frame” it). As busy professionals I think we probably don’t get this kind of quality time with our children very often.

So not only are we eating better tasting food, spending quality time with our children, and teaching good, healthy values, which research has proven awesome, life giving benefits. But this fresh food is healthier than the crap most people usually eat (here’s that phenomenal synergy again).

Now cleaning your home might be better delegated or hiring out… that’s what kids are for as my parents use to always say.

Our perception is our reality

I heard a quote once, don’t remember who said it, but it goes like this: “change your perception, change your world”. As crazy as it may sound it really is that simple.

The point is; life is short. Stop complaining and start enjoying. Before you know it life’s over and all the small things will be trivial compared to the love you shared and the memories you made.

It’s really as easy as a few simple, scientific techniques developed by a Harvard Happiness Researcher. Here’s one: For 21 days straight, name 3 things you’re grateful for.

And once your outlook on life improves, you’re much more likely to want to improve other areas of your life. Actually inspired to take action and finally achieve your goals.

What strategies do you use to stay positive, did that change over time or have you always been that way?






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