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Sit a lot and want to alleviate back ...

Sit a lot and want to alleviate back pain? This simple fix could help.

Low back pain (LBP) is the second most common reason for visits to the doctor’s office, next to upper-respiratory infections. Back pain is one of the most common reasons for missed work and second most common cause of disability in US adults, according to U.S National Library of Medicine National Institute of Health I’ve spent […]

Will that nagging knot in your back n...

Get rid of a painful knot in your body

That nagging knot in my back won’t go away! Is that uncomfortable and possibly painful knot interfering with your quality of life. When you’re working, playing, maybe even at rest? I’m going to share the best and possibly only strategy for eliminating that sucker, for good! There can be various factors in the forming of […]

Are you excited for the Future?

Make a plan, get Excited for the Future

Wouldn’t you like to be excited for the future? Most people have no plan for their future. This is proven by the sheer number of people who don’t achieve their goals. And also by the alarming statistics about retirement savings. So why is it such a difficult task to map out a strategy for our own […]

Change your Perception Change Your Wo...

Improving your life is usually as simple as telling yourself a different story. Change Your World

Everything in life is not a chore. Parking a little further and having to walk a little further helps us live longer and healthier. Our body’s are designed for movement, we literally thrive off it. I can’t tell you how many clients I’ve had over the years complain that they don’t exercise because it hurts […]

What is it you really want?

What is it you really want?

What is it you really want? What is the good life? For the vast majority I’m sure it’s riches and fame, which is completely understandable. Personally I could do without fame. I think it’s more of a feminine trait designed from evolution to increase social circle and improve the chance of safety and survival. But I digress. I […]

Tips to Improve Employee Longevity

Tips to Improve Employee Longevity   Want to help prevent all the horrible diseases and dysfunctions that occur from sitting to much. Want to be more active? How about more physical with your significant other? Play sports, keep up with kids and grand-kids? Have the confidence you will be strong and active way into your […]

Women and back pain

Women and back pain photo by Kubelik2

As if child bearing and high heels weren’t enough suffering,  study’s show women also tend to have more back pain than men.   But what causes this unfair curse upon nature’s life givers? Damn that Eve for eating the apple! Actually there can be a combination of factors contributing to women and back pain e.g. “sex […]

Keep your neck and prevent neck and s...

Neck and shoulder pain is extremely common but it doesn’t have to be   Starting to wonder where your neck went? Having trouble turning your head without pain? Or worse, is it a constant nagging pain worsened by long hours driving to and from work, sitting in front of a computer all day and whatever else causes your shoulders to […]

Will you ever be utterly content with...

Where are the best jobs of the future? Most of us get excited at the prospect of a new job, why (top 5 reasons employees are unhappy at work)? Maybe because if we actually manage to break out of the fear of trying something new, we realize this is a fresh start to break the mundane, […]

7 Essential oils that improve health ...

In my industry there’s a lot of talk about essential oils and as much as I’d like to believe that the benefits are real so that I could help heal those I care about but I’ve learned to have a healthy dose of skepticism about things without much data. 1. Oregano Oil is the Ultimate […]

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