For Fast-Acting Relief, Try Slowing Down

Los Angeles, CA. Traffic seems to be synonymous with stress, I realized why; as I was driving home to O.C. last night in the pouring rain, encountering heavy traffic at 11:00 pm, I experienced some increased blood pressure but quickly realized that I was being neurotic and I wasn’t going to let this ruin a good day so I began to look for positives in the situation;

  1. I just got a new vehicle, everything worked perfectly and smelled clean too-my old vehicle would have caused severe anxiety!
  2. Just got a new phone and the audio & visuals on my gps were astounding.
  3. I just left a great seminar and this was the perfect time to chill and process all the information.
  4. This is the most meaningful-I’m stepping out of my comfort zone; evolving and developing the person I want to become

You can always find positives if you search for them. If you drive this route frequently it’s crucial for your health to accept and practice this for stress relief. Try slowing down, take deep breaths, relax, enjoy the beautiful California countryside and make the best of your journey-literally and metaphorically.

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