Women and back pain photo by Kubelik2 http://bit.ly/2aS3R0y

Women and back pain

As if child bearing and high heels weren’t enough suffering,  study’s show women also tend to have more back pain than men.   But what causes this unfair curse upon nature’s life givers? Damn that Eve for eating the apple! […]

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Keep your neck and prevent neck and shoulder pain

Neck and shoulder pain is extremely common but it doesn’t have to be   Starting to wonder where your neck went? Having trouble turning your head without pain? Or worse, is it a constant nagging pain worsened by long hours driving to and from […]

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Will you ever be utterly content with your “9 to 5”?

Where are the best jobs of the future? Most of us get excited at the prospect of a new job, why (top 5 reasons employees are unhappy at work)? Maybe because if we actually manage to break out of the fear […]

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7 Essential oils that improve health and prevent disease, even Cancer!

In my industry there’s a lot of talk about essential oils and as much as I’d like to believe that the benefits are real so that I could help heal those I care about but I’ve learned to have a […]

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Be selfish this Holiday season

Tis the Season for sharing and being grateful, ok; but let’s not forget about ourselves. We need to ensure we feel good this Holiday Season and on a regular basis, because as I tell my kids “shit rolls downhill”, meaning If […]

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Using Wellness Programs to Stay Competitive

Are you worried your company won’t stay competitive in an extremely competitive marketplace, are medical costs eroding profits, are you having trouble retaining talent, keeping them engaged, and productive? Over 30 yrs. of industry research has supporters such as “Center For Disease Control-CDC” […]

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For Fast-Acting Relief, Try Slowing Down

Los Angeles, CA. Traffic seems to be synonymous with stress, I realized why; as I was driving home to O.C. last night in the pouring rain, encountering heavy traffic at 11:00 pm, I experienced some increased blood pressure but quickly realized that I […]

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Do women have smaller brains than men?

Not according to statistics over this past recession that women were laid off less than their male counterparts and they opened more successful businesses, so why than were woman (whom have proportionally the same size head as a man) cursed with […]

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