Quintessential Living
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Get Healthy, Stay Healthy.

Currently we’re sacrificing our health in order to meet life’s demands. But scientific evidence tells at that if we would instead make our mental and physical health a priority we would be more effective and efficient at everything we do, from earning a living to caring for our families.

Health and Wellness coaching is a branch of psychology that deals with enhancing life experience, work performance and well-being.  Wellness coaching combines decades of research in dozens of academic fields including positive psychology (the study of happiness), motivational interviewing, neuroscience, … in order to guide and help you acquire the skills and psychological resources required for optimal health & happiness –  focus, goal setting, strategic planning, hope, resilience, self-awareness. 

The Science of Behavior Change

Unlike other coaching programs your coach knows that being healthy starts in the mind. Together with your Wellness Coach you’ll brainstorm strategies for success. These strategies are designed to help you develop a more positive attitude, increasing mental capacity & creativity.

You’ll discover your strengths and values and how to use them to overcome obstacles. Increasing positive emotions and reducing depressive symptoms. Making it more enjoyable thus more likely to maintain.

We now have a vast understanding of how the human brain works and how to inspire from within. This is what the current healthcare systems been missing, a collaborative, compassionate partner. A Health & Wellness professional skilled in the science of behavior change. Keeping us accountable for our actions while guiding us through this process of evolution.

Quintessential Living: means the way life was meant to be lived, free from fear and worry. Physically and Mentally Strong.  Having the confidence and ability to know that everything’s going to be all right because we’re in control.

Wellness Coaching sessions are conducted conveniently over the phone so when you’re ready to improve your health & happiness please let us help.

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