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Get Healthy, StayHealthy.

Quintessential Living: living the way life was meant to be, healthy body and mind. Currently we sacrifice our mental and physical health in order to meet life’s demands. When instead we should be focusing on our health to meet those demands.

When we feel strong and energetic there’s no arguing that we’re more effective and efficient than if we’re feeling weak, tired, and in pain. Positive psychologists have also proven that we function significantly better when we’re happy and in a positive mood, which also allows our bodies to fight pain and disease much more effectively, that’s intelligent design.

Wellness coaching combines decades of research in dozens of academic fields including neuroscience, positive psychology (the study of happiness). And motivational interviewing; a strategic planning model, just to name a few.

Wellness Coaching, the science of behavior change

Coaching psychology is a branch of psychology that deals with behavioral science to enhance life experience, work performance and well-being. Coaching science helps us learn to focus, prioritize, and implement strategies of our own designing to achieve our goals. Teaching us the skills required to be successful at life, such as; goal setting, mindfulness, strategic planning,

We also learn to develop other psychological resources required for optimal health and happiness, like hope, resilience, self-awareness. You’ll discover your strengths and values and how to use them to overcome obstacles. Setting S.M.A.R.T. (Specific Measured Achievable Related Time-lined) goals, specifically designed to build self-esteem and self-efficacy.

We now have a vast understanding of how the human brain works and how to inspire from within. This is what the current healthcare systems been missing; an empathetic, collaborative partner, a Health & Wellness expert skilled in the science of behavior change, keeping us accountable for our actions while guiding us through this process of evolution.

Wellness Coaching sessions are conducted conveniently over the phone so if you’re willing to take responsibility than Quintessential Living can help you improve your health and happiness.

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